Juanita Book

By Juanita Torrence-Thompson

ęCopyright by Juanita Torrence-Thompson

JUANITA TORRENCE-THOMPSON is a poet/writer/speaker whose award-winning work appears in U.S. and Canadian journals and online. See her poetry and book information at: Poetry Town. See Barbara Hantman's review of Torrence-Thompson's CELEBRATING A TAPESTRY OF LIFE (Torderwarz Publishing Company)at: The Pedestal Magazine

Nothingness Or Noone

"Blessed be he who expects nothing,
for he shall never be disappointed."
Pope -- Letter

(dedicated to Jean-Paul Sartre)

No-one sat on the grass doing nothing
Spoke to no one
Smelled no one
Sang to no one
Heard no one
Saw no one.

Someone spoke to No-one
No-one did not answer
Someone spoke again
No-one still did not speak
No-one did nothing.

Nothing became popular
No Where
No one talked there
No one heard there
No one ate there
No one saw there
No one lived there
In the place of non-existence.

No-one was tired of doing nothing
Seeing no one
Hearing no one
Not talking
Not walking
Not singing
Not eating
Not learning
Not praying
No-one did something
Decided not to exist.