Juanita Book

By Juanita Torrence-Thompson

ęCopyright by Juanita Torrence-Thompson

JUANITA TORRENCE-THOMPSON is a poet/writer/speaker whose award-winning work appears in U.S. and Canadian journals and online. See her poetry and book information at: Poetry Town. See Barbara Hantman's review of Torrence-Thompson's CELEBRATING A TAPESTRY OF LIFE (Torderwarz Publishing Company)at: The Pedestal Magazine

Witch of Massachusetts

I dress in my long black paper dress
orange crepe triangles
on the sleeves and waist
My dress hides my black
patent leather Mary Janes

Grandma puts finishing touches
to my warm grey wig
I plop on a tall black witch's dunce cap
matching orange triangles

After putting on my cardboard mask
I look at myself in the mirror
and nearly scare myself
Aileen and Susan ring our doorbell
Aileen's dressed as Snow White
Susan as rhinestone studded Cleopatra

We practice our characters walk
I cackle and make bulging eyes
We giggle, fly into the night
swinging lit pumpkin lanterns

We go trick or treating
to neighbors' houses
Stuff our bags with apples,
candy corns, red jaw breakers

We ring Miss Havershun's bell
She opens the creaky door
There in silhouette
we see a greasy white face
black bulging eyes
big yellow teeth
flowing black cape

We scream and fly away